Billy Parker

A fortunate albeit rare photo op with the

Amazing Doctor Dryskull himself

1991 Wally's/Wally's 91'- Portland, Or
1995 The Tylers/At Home- Phoenix, AZ
1996 Mike Breen/No Excuses- Phoenix, AZ
1997 Keith Curtis/Let it Roll- Phoenix, AZ
1998 Pat Maloney/Perfect Oblivious Moon- Phoenix, AZ
1998 Joe Baer/Worshipful Places Spaces- Phoenix, AZ
1998 The Tylers/Door to the Heart- Phoenix, AZ
1999 Phil Shanks/Folksinger- Phoenix, AZ
1999 Keith Curtis/Postcards from Road- Phoenix, AZ
1999 Steve Goodbar/A Track in Time- Phoenix, AZ
1999 The Tylers/Songprints- Phoenix, AZ
2000 Igor's Jazz Cowboys- Tribute- Phoenix, AZ
2000 Harmony Breeze/From the Old Book- Phoenix, AZ
2001 Back Porch Bandits/Live in Buckeye- Phoenix, AZ
2002 Poor Alfred/Big Fish Tales- Mesa, AZ
2002 Sue Harris/Tall Tales and Treasures- Phoenix, AZ
2002 Harmony Breeze/HB II- Phoenix, AZ
2003 Brid Dower/Comings and Goings- Phoenix, AZ 
2003 Pinecastle Christmas Gatherin'- Tucson, AZ
2003 Danielle Rose/Mysteries- Mesa, AZ
2004 Tom Bertling/Along for the Ride- Phoenix, AZ
2004 Tom Booth/Unravel- Mesa AZ
2004 Afan/Queen of the Rushes- Phoenix, AZ 
2004 Poor Alfred/Lemonade- Phoenix, AZ
2005 Blackwood/The Sweetest Hour- Phoenix, AZ
2005 Taylor Made/Gaylan Taylor- Scottsdale, AZ
2006 Deb Myking/The Journey to May- Mesa, AZ
2006 Sven Henrich/Chance Encounters- Phoenix, AZ 
2007 Henry and Joel and Friends- Phoenix, AZ
2008 Billy and Zeke Parker/This is Serious- Phoenix AZ
2008 Blaine Long/Ten Miles Wide- Chandler, AZ
2010 Gordon Acri- Phoenix, AZ
2010 Parker & Bond/A Stream of Tales- Sandpoint, ID
2012 Tommy Anderson/Evolve
2012 Mike Breen and the Big Dream/All Night Long
2012 Smoot Mahooty/Miscellaneous Illusions
2012 Lost Highway/Live in Silver Dollar City 2007
2013 Jim Pipkin/Rollin' the Dice
2013 Broken Chair Band/Little Victories 
2014 Tramor/Chwarae Teg (Fair Play)

2017 Mandoclectic/Billy Parker 
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Mandolin, Vocal, Guitar, Octave Mandolin
Performance, Session, Production